We specialize in carbon steel, mold steel and other special alloy steel import and export business.

Shinkansai is one of largest Electric Furnaces of making flat steel in Japan, the company also produced square, shaped, bar steels and so on.

Why choose Shinkansai?
1.Widely shpapes and types of flat steel are available.
2.High level of technical ability to meet customer needs.
3.Flat steel Industry leader.
4.Comprehensive quality management.
5.Emphasis on enviromental protection and social responsibility.


Kobe's productions of plastic mold are specified by major brands of automobile.

Founded in 1905, Kobe is one of three major steel makers in Japan, in addition steel business, Kobe also strengths on copper and aluminum materials business, welding, infrastructure and Plant engineering business, machinery related business, real estate related business and other business. Group has 200 subsidiaries and nearly 70 affiliated enterprises.

JFE's prodcut line of thick plate steel has a high market share and reputation in the world wide.

JFE is one of three major blast furnaces in Japan, a joint-venture company combined by NKK and Kawasaki in 2002, business areas covered Steel Production, Construction, Chemical and other fields.
Product line rich and diverse, included Steel, Semi-finished, Titanium, Steel Processing, Chemical and Various of Containers, etc…